Matchmaking ranging from lbs impression, bmi, exercise, and dining options in Southern California male and female kids

Matchmaking ranging from lbs impression, bmi, exercise, and dining <a href="">link utile</a> options in Southern California male and female kids

Dating anywhere between body weight effect, body mass index, physical activity, and you can dining selection when you look at the Southern Ca male and female teenagers

Understanding the relationship between body weight perception (BWP) and weight control is an important influencer on adolescents’ health behaviours. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between BWP, body mass index (BMI), physical activity and food choices in adolescent males and females (N = 1,212). Across BMI categories, more females perceived themselves as overweight and tried to control their weight, where more males tried to gain weight or never tried to control their weight (p < 0.001). Major reason for weight control was to look better followed by to improve health. Interestingly, adolescents who perceived themselves as thin consumed unhealthier foods (hamburgers and regular soda), where those who perceived themselves as fit and overweight ate healthier foods (salad and vegetables). Results of this study validate that an accurate perception of weight is critical to the success of education and behaviour intervention programs for both overweight and normal weight adolescents.


Weight impression (BWP) try gaining detection since a powerful determinant from health activities and managing weight techniques among kids (Ursoniu, Putnoky, Vlaicu, 2011 ). Past studies have shown one to teens who are skinny otherwise normal lbs perceive by themselves given that overweight, for that reason increasing their risk of eating issues, being overweight management habits and you may depression (Desmond, Rates, Gray, Oconnell, 1986 ; Tang ainsi que al., 2010 ). All of our public adulation to have design particular physiques usually showed from the news and you will publications probably impacts these types of below average thinking. However, teenagers that happen to be overweight usually do not perceive on their own as a result as they are impractical to rehearse match weight manage behaviors that have physical craft (PA) and you may eating plan (Khambalia, Robust, Bauman, 2012 ; Strauss, 1999 ). This suggests you to definitely teens have a tendency to misperceive how much they weigh status, aside from actuality.

Pounds misperception is understood to be the fresh new discordance anywhere between one’s genuine lbs standing and perception out of their pounds (Duncan et al., 2011 ). Numerous socio-market and you may ecological issues connect with pounds misperception during the adolescents particularly sex, body mass index (BMI), ethnicity, socioeconomic standing and you may mass media visibility (Kim Very, 2014 ; ; Perkins, Perkins, Craig, 2010 ). Considering research conducted recently, weight misperception try a strong predictor out of looks frustration no matter genuine weight reputation (Knowlwa, Ling, Thomas, Adab, McManus, 2015 ). Therefore, distorted BWP and the body frustration may lead teenagers to look at unhealthy lbs handle behaviours and additionally purging, smooth and utilizing laxatives/supplements, as well as reframing off keeping healthy diet and exercise habits (Liechty, 2010 ; Tala ). Since the studies show one to seen lbs are a more powerful indication than simply genuine lbs having anticipating involvement in the suit weight management (Serdula mais aussi al., 1993 ; Strauss, 1999 ) information and you can handling of which misperception is generally helpful in reducing teenage obesity, physical inactivity and you may eating issues.

With both overestimation and you may underestimation regarding pounds are from the better health risk inside teens (Playground, 2011 ), you will need to comprehend the relationships ranging from body weight misperception and you may fitness exposure habits given that correctly perceiving on your own could have been related that have motivation to improve risky behaviors (Maximova et al., 2008 ). Exploring the dating ranging from BWP, Bmi, PA and you may eating solutions may provide insight about whether or maybe not the existence of a terrible relationship between BWP and you can Bmi implies dysmorphia. Given that enhanced adiposity is a powerful predictor off bad looks visualize and you may low self-esteem, self-confident human body picture and accurate BWP could possibly get boost areas of body image and give a wide berth to an individual’s danger of carrying excess fat (Olive, Byrne, Cunningham, Telford, 2012 ). Hence, lbs misperception is actually an important varying inside obesity cures and you will therapy getting kids.

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