The town from Senghor are a slot to your Bay away from Senghor, that’s an element of the Temperature Water

The town from Senghor are a slot to your Bay away from Senghor, that’s an element of the Temperature Water

It is into western avoid of your own peninsula also known as this new Kaava Places on the southern area Mwangi Expanse. The Kaava is good pygmy tribe away from kech.


When you look at the 2603 AR, whenever Caldaru buyers basic concerned Garund using their native Arcadia, individuals regarding close Boali welcomed him or her and offered them a good parcel to decide on. The new Caldarus established the city regarding Senghor with this homes and you can made relationship associations to the pair thriving Boali younger nobles.

Inside 2618 AR, pursuing the folks of Senghor learned that Boali cultists had been compromising young people inside the Ghol-Gani spoils, it razed Boali, executed brand new cultists, and you can saved carry out-end up being subjects. Perception bad to possess violating Boali’s hospitality, then they got in many Boali students. The storyline keeps since the passed with the legend, missing because of the all but a little cabal whoever professionals is instructed to combat cult revival.


The city’s principal society may be daha fazla the Caldaru, despite the fact that aren’t truly the extremely several of the numerous person teams who live right here.


The newest city’s harbour try a structural masterpiece, able to withstand both real impact of storms originating when you look at the Vision out of Abendego and unrealistic experiences out-of a enormous naval physical violence by the particular until now unknown adversary.

Cost savings

The metropolis depends on water change, given that close Kaava Countries create all land routes risky. It is a great conduit for a lot of the new exchange of Sargava to help you Avistan; trading privately that have Sargava threats unpleasant Cheliax, plus the much more secondary route because of Senghor makes it much simpler to prevent new Shackles Pirates.

This new city’s marketplace is the major webpages towards deals out of quality merchandise regarding the Mwangi Expanse to merchants out of Avistan to possess a fair rate; this is compared with Bloodcove, in which arguably this new region’s raw materials was mailed out-of north into the change to have poor goods and you will cheap alcohol. Your neighborhood shields, within their unique black colored and you may scarlet clothing, make certain that industry was a comfort zone where accomplish team.

Government and you will safety

Cheliax possess made an effort to introduce a trade embassy within the Senghor, but has actually learned that communication were plagued by misfortune and you can constant pirate attract. So far, not one with the might have been tracked returning to the Senghor regulators.

The new Senghor navy has multiple dozen ships, and you may implies that no piracy happens within territorial seas. However, he or she is indifferent as to the continues on someplace else in the Temperature Ocean, and make Senghor a popular destination for individuals who are considered to help you be pirates every where else.

not, this pragmatism cannot stretch to the slave-trade. Slave ships are not permitted to go to Senghor, and you will Bekyar vessels are generally refuted entry just towards suspicion of being linked to the slave-trade. New Bekyar area-states to the south from Senghor have reacted angrily to this racial discrimination and there had been many ocean battles. Up until now, Senghor provides more than held its own on these disagreement, and many of your city’s frontrunners is actually enthusiastic for action because good springboard getting extending brand new city’s fields out-of dictate-either southwards, if you don’t northwards with the Avistan recognized Aspis Consortium’s fundamental base during the Bloodcove.

The city try governed because of the a beneficial council comprising nobles, priests from Gozreh, merchants in addition to military. Council posts are generally passed down instead of decided on, but for as long as the town continues to do just fine there are couples requires reform.

When the locals away from Sargava overthrew the overlords, Senghor sided to your former and you can became the initial ally from newly-separate Vidrian. The 2 regions express an interest in staying interlopers out, but the regards to the latest alliance, which in fact had to get quickly closed by the Vidrian, is actually heavily lopsided in favour of Senghor. This new Vidric individuals have mature to resent such terminology and then push to possess renegotiation.

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